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Home Elevators


Enjoy a smooth, quiet ride to the upper floor with in-home elevators from Gulf Coast Elevators & Lifts, INC. With a turnaround time of around 10 days, our team works with you and your budget to design and install a system that meets your needs.

In-Home Elevator Options

In-home elevators ride to the upper levels of your home in style and comfort. With natural wood cabs and sturdy, powder-coated structures, our in-home elevators are the perfect combination of safety and luxury. Each elevator is custom-built to your specifications, and we offer a variety of up-graded choices, as well as a multi-unit discount. Carrying up to 950 lbs., our elevators are designed to be as safe as possible. We also install non-proprietary controls.


Standard two (2) year manufacturer’s parts warranty.


Floor Heights: Minimum of 12” floor-to-floor heights.

Drive System:
2:1 Roped Hydraulic

950 Pound maximum per ASME/ANSI A17.1, 5.3

Based on actual job conditions with a maximum travel of up to 50’-0” from the lowest landings’ finished floor level to the top landings’ finished floor level.

Car Speed:
40 FPM (Foot per Minute) maximum per code.

¾”, seven ply cabinet grade architectural veneer plywood with 16ga steel, primed and powder coated strike columns (where applicable) and gate pockets. All cabs are custom built to suit the finished, clear shaft dimensions.

Cab Heights:
6’-10” (6’-9-1/4” Clear inside cab height to accommodate 6’8” landing doors).

Cab Design:
In-line opening, Flat Wall (FW) cab and ceiling design.

Up to 13 square feet inside usable cab space (Industry standard 12 square feet).

Standard Wood Species:
Unfinished White Birch, Red Oak and White Maple. Pre-finished Red Oak or White Maple.

Cab Gate:
(1) – Black or White vinyl accordion gate with gate arm and gate switch.


Hall Stations:
#4 (brushed) Stainless steel hall stations with single pushbutton and illuminated “car here” light ring.

Car Operating Panel (COP):
#4 (brushed) Stainless Steel Car Operating Panel with the required illuminated floor buttons, stop
switch, alarm button, integrated phone keypad and emergency light.

Cab Lighting:
(2) – 3” Nickel or white recessed light fixtures with energy saving LED bulbs.

Emergency Cab Lighting:
One 24VDC emergency light integrated into the Car Operating Panel and used during battery
backup operation.

One (1)- ¼” x 1-1/2”, #4 (brushed) solid stainless steel flat bar handrail with removable inside

Pumping Unit:
All aluminum construction with a primed and powder coat finish. Two speed electronic valve operation with both load and temperature compensation, manual lowering valve, low pressure switch, pressure gauge port and two-way automatic leveling features. The unit is provided with a lockable cover.

Automatic Emergency Lowering:
If the controller senses a loss of house power while the elevator is in flight the elevator will stop and begin to descend to the next lowest landing. If the next lowest landing is not the lowest landing the operator will have the ability to stop at any of the remaining lower floors.

Auto Light Timer:
Automatically turns the light off after the elevator has come to rest at a floor and the landing door and gates are closed. The amount of time the light remains on is adjustable ranging from 1-10 minutes.

Auto Homing:
Provides the ability to home (park) the elevator to a selected floor after an adjustable amount of time ranging from 1-30 minutes after the landing door and gates are closed.

Interior Elevator Cab Options


Custom Cab Heights:
6’-0” – 8’-0” Cab heights, excluding 6-10”

(Consult the factory for overhead clearances required to accommodate custom cab heights)

Optional Cab Layout Designs:
-Front/Rear Openings

(Pass Through Cab, openings on opposite sides of the cab)
-Front/Side Openings

(90 Degree Cab, openings on adjacent sides of the cab)

(Three gate cab, openings on three sides of the cab.)

Optional Cab Wall/Ceiling Design:
-Applied Trim (AT)
-Applied Panel/Coffered (APC)
-Observation Trim (OT)
-Half Wall Mirror
-Half Wall Observation Window
-Full Wall Observation Window


Optional Cab Finishes:

-Clear conversion varnish

-Standard stain (Minwax/Sherwin Williams)

-Custom stain

-Custom paint


Optional Platform Sizes:

(all Cab’s & Platforms are custom-built)

-37” wide x 65” deep

(51” x 69” clear inside shaft size required)

-42” wide x 58” deep

(56” x 62” clear inside shaft size required)

-48” wide x 51” deep

(62” x 55” clear inside shaft size required)

Elevator Car Operating Panels 


Optional Signal Fixtures:
-Antique Bronze (Dark)
-Brushed Brass (Gold Tone)
-White, semi-gloss powder coated finish
-Custom Hall Station Designs Available

Optional Lighting:

-(4)- 3” nickel recessed fixtures with energy saving LED bulbs

-(4)- 4” Antique bronze recessed fixtures with energy saving LED bulbs

-(1)- 6” Incandescent can light

Elevator Hall Stations


Hall Stations Options:

-#4 Brushed Stainless Steel

-Antique Bronze

-Brushed Brass (Gold Tone)


Elevator Gate Options


Optional Gates:
-Vinyl wood grain accordion gates
-Smoked or clear acrylic, accordion gates
-Hardwood gates, finished or unfinished
-Vision panels up to (3) are available in hardwood and vinyl gates

Sills, Handrails & Miscellaneous


Optional Handrails:
-1/4" x 1-1/2" solid antique bronze (powder coated) flat bar
-3/8" x 2" solid brushed brass flat bar
-1-1/2" cylindrical, brushed stainless steel
-1-1/2" cylindrical, antique bronze (powder coated)
-1-1/2" cylindrical, brushed brass (gold tone)

Additional Features:
-13-15 Square foot cabs
-In-Use Indicators in the hall stations.
-Keyed Hall Stations- Momentary and on/off
-Keyed Car Operating Panel – on/off
-Position Indicator in the Car Operating Panel
-Lightning Arrester (Surge Protector)
-Open Gate/Door Alarm (Only with HED)
-Raised Threshold (To accommodate thicker flooring)
-Power Gate Operator(s)
-Float Switch
-Tank Heater
-Custom Shaped Cabs
-Other Options Available